Applied Computer Lab / 資訊應用實驗室

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Equipments 設備
  • ERP Server
  • PC (I5-760) * 4
  • PC (I7-3770) * 4
  • ERP 主機
  • 個人電腦 (I5-760) * 4
  • 個人電腦 (I7-3770) * 4
Supported Classes 支援課程
  • Algorithm Analysis and Design
  • Computer Programming
  • Web Programming
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Case Study
  • 演算法分析與設計
  • 程式設計
  • 網頁程式設計
  • 企業資源規劃
  • 專題研究
Experiment Fields 實驗範圍
  • Java Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • Android Programming
  • Algorithm Analysis and Design
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Java 程式設計
  • PHP 網頁程式設計
  • Android程式設計
  • 演算法分析與設計
  • 企業資源規劃
Research Problems / 研究問題

The Queue Layout Problem

A queue layout of a graph consists of a linear order of its vertices, and a partition of its edges into queues, such that no two edges in the same queue are nested .

Edge (u,v), (x,y) nest if .

For example: A 2-queu layout of Hypercube Q4 is shown as below:


The Power Domination Problem

The power domination problem is to find a minimum placement of phase measurement units (PMUs) for observing the whole electric power system, which is closely related to the classical domination problem in graphs. For a graph G(V,E), the power domination number of G is the minimum cardinality of a set S V such that PMUs placed on every vertex of S results in all of V being observed. A vertex with a PMU observes itself and all its neighbors, and if an observed vertex with degree d > 1 has only one unobserved neighbor, then the unobserved neighbor becomes observed.

Observation Rule 1 :
 A PMU on a vertex v observes v and all its neighbors.
Observation Rule 2 :
 If an observed vertex u with degree d > 1 has only one unobserved neighbor v, then v becomes observed as well.


The k-Rainbow Domination Problem

Let f be a funtion that assigns to each vertex a set of colors chosen from the set {1, ... , k}; that is, f: V(G) p({1, ... , k}). If for each vertex v V(G) such that f(v) = we have f(u) = {1, ... , k}, then f is called a k-rainbow domination function ( kRDF ) of G.


Last Update:2014/8/23