Kung-jui Pai 白恭瑞

  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D., Nation Taiwan University of Science and
  • Research Interests: Algorithms, Graph Theory
  • Teaching Courses: Algorithm Analysis and Design,
    Computer Programming, Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Email : poter@mail.mcut.edu.tw
  • Tel: 29089899 ext. 3114
 The More You Learn,  
 the Less You Know

Kung-Jui Pai received the BS and MS degrees from the Information Management Department at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in 1996 and 1998, respectively. In 2009, he received the PhD degree in information management from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Now, he is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Ming Chi University of Technology. His research interests include graph theory and algorithm analysis.


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The Queue Layout Problem

A queue layout of a graph consists of a linear order of its vertices, and a partition of its edges into queues, such that no two edges in the same queue are nested .

Edge (u,v), (x,y) nest if .

(a) Q3

(b) Q4

Fig 1. Hypecube Qn.

Fig 2. 2-queue layout of Q4.